Louisville Pavement Sweep has multiple snowplow trucks and salt trucks for your winter needs. We are on call 24 hours during the winter season. Most of the parking lots we plow are also the same parking lots we sweep. Our snowplow operators are very familiar with the configuration of the parking lots they plow because they are on the property sweeping year round. This familiarity with your parking lot ensures that when the islands, curbs, and speed bumps are covered with snow, our driver will know the location of each obstruction and not damage the property with their snowplows.

Sweeping Truck - Louisville Pavement Sweep

Parking Lot Cleaning - Louisville Pavement Sweep


We have salt trucks to remove ice in order to keep your customers from a suffering a slippery fall. Our snowplow trucks are equipped with live GPS monitoring and all activity is recorded and archived to assist in billing. This same documentation of service can offer assistance and protection with any insurance claims.


Contact us today for a worry free winter. We are available to answer any questions anytime.