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Louisville Pavement Sweep is the premier power sweeping company for the greater Louisville area

Construction Site Sweeping

If your needs include construction site sweeping, to keep evolving commercial and residential areas, clean and safe operation as projects are built out, then Louisville Pavement Sweep is your solution.  Construction track out mitigation, is the best management practice to protect from pollution run off.  Louisville Pavement Sweep has years of experience with construction site sweeping.

Quality Sweeping Services

We use a range of equipment to ensure your construction site and the surrounding area remains pristine:

  • Regenerative air sweepers to pick up gravel, mud, dirt and debris
  • Water sprayers help suppress dust during sweeping
  • Vehicles equipped with bumper magnets pick up nails, screws and sharp metal objects

EPA Required Storm Water Mitigation services.

As part of our comprehensive suite of cleaning and sweeping services, we are proud to provide street sweeping, construction site sweeping, industrial sweeping, municipal sweeping, parking lot sweeping and facility maintenance.

When your construction project calls for NPDES permits or SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning) Louisville Pavement Sweep is your first choice in approved sweeping services for the EPA’s Clean Water Act.


Reliable Sweeping Trucks.

We have sweepers that include multi-directional spray nozzles on both sides as well as a 150-gallon water tank to cut down on the amount of dust that is stirred up as the truck passes over the debris. Steel curb brooms on both sides of our trucks can cut through most dirt, mud and rock on any job site. when it comes to unique situations that require us to drive on either side of the road, we have steering wheels on both the driver and passenger side of our trucks which allows us to easily avoid obstacles and reduce damage to your property or job site when we are required to drive with or against traffic. Further reducing damage to construction site employees vehicles, we have custom installed front bumper magnet bars that collect nails, screws or any other small metal pieces that could damage equipment or create flat tires to employee vehicles. Our sweepers are job site ready with the capability to dump directly into roll off dumpsters of up to 8 feet. This eliminates the need to empty debris and scoop it into the dumpster if using a CAT or front loader machine. Our sweepers are truck mounted so there is never a need to tow the sweeper to the job site, leave it on site to take up valuable work space and then tow it away after the job is complete. We arrive on site, perform the job and return when we are needed, leaving your job site clean and free of unused sweeping equipment occupying space. This saves the customer time and money.

With offices in both Louisville and Lexington and can service most of the state of Kentucky. This allows a customer to work with one contractor and have one point of contact for all their sweeping needs.

We are one of the only companies in Kentucky that is listed as a Certified Sweeping Company with the North American Power Sweeping Association. This means that we train our employees on safety, professionalism and how to properly handle all equipment associated with sweeping.

We use our own custom developed in-house software for work completion verification. Our drivers can take before and after photos, get supervisor or customer signature upon completion of job, and take photos of any issues we notice while on the site. This is sent as a link to the customer along with the invoice to reduce the amount of paperwork a customer deals with.


We provide the greater Louisville area, Central Kentucky, and Southern Indiana with superior street sweeping, track out sweeping, construction sweeping, parking lot sweeping & maintenance, trash & litter removal as well as day porter service.


Louisville Pavement Sweep also offers day portering, graffiti removal, bulk item haul off and pressure washing

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