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Louisville Pavement Sweep is the premier power sweeping company for the greater Louisville area

From large shopping malls to one-off strip centers, establishing a budget for and sticking to regularly scheduled vacuum sweeping service to maintain parking areas delivers customer satisfaction. Survey after survey documents that consumers judge the quality of a shopping facility by the cleanliness of its exterior spaces including parking lots.

Vacuum and power broom sweeping of all hard lot surfaces is the key component of an ongoing parking lot maintenance program. This includes sweeping all parking areas, loading dock areas and access driveways. Portering services may include power blowing sidewalks, curbs and corner areas, hand picking trash from perimeter grounds, emptying outdoor trash receptacles and replacing trash can liners.

Create a Lasting First Impression

As part of our comprehensive suite of cleaning and sweeping services, we are proud to provide retail sweeping services.

Our retail sweeping services will help ensure your retail business paved surfaces are crisp, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.  By choosing Louisville Pavement Sweep for your retail sweeping provider, you are helping to provide a cleaner and safer environment for your customers and clients.

Retail Sweeping

Your parking lot is the first impression of your business brand that the majority of people see. Make sure to maintain a professional look by investing in retail sweeping services. Louisville Pavement Sweep will ensure you provide a safe, secure, and clean exterior parking environment.

Protecting Your Investment

Retail parking areas are a significant capital investment.  Regular sweeping preserves your retail parking facilities by removing loose aggregates that would otherwise cause your parking garage surfaces to wear out faster, leading to costly repairs and repaving. 

Regular sweeping helps your investment last longer. It reduces how often you need to repave and restripe. Regular maintenance reduces overall maintenance and repair costs over time. 


We provide the greater Louisville area, Central Kentucky, and Southern Indiana with superior street sweeping, track out sweeping, construction sweeping, parking lot sweeping & maintenance, trash & litter removal as well as day porter service.


Louisville Pavement Sweep also offers day portering, graffiti removal, bulk item haul off and pressure washing

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