Winter Weather & Your Paved Surfaces

Property maintenance serves an important preventative function with regard to avoiding damage during the Winter months. As a property owner or manager, you should be aware of the possibility of weather-related damage to your parking lot. Extreme heat and bitter cold weather both can have different negative impacts on your parking lot. Since winter is approaching lets focus on how winter weather specifically is bad for your asphalt parking lot. The ability to anticipate potential problems and act to prevent future costly repairs is the key. At Louisville Pavement Sweep, we are well versed in winter pavement maintenance.

The winter weather conditions that cause the most specific issues are Icing, Rain and Hail.


Ice is one of the more intense winter elements. Ice is slippery, it is dangerous, and in the case of black ice, you don’t even see it coming. Not only is this a hazard for people driving in your parking lot, it can also lead to serious structural issues that can eventually require repaving. All this can be avoided by contacting Louisville Pavement Sweep for regular consistent property maintenance.


Asphalt cracks are a parking lot nightmare. Why? Asphalt contracts and expands in hot and cold weather, which leads to cracking and weak spots. Cracks are also formed over time from below ground surface due to the shifting of soils. What does ice have to do with all of this? As water seeps into the cracks in your parking lot pavement it freezes and expands, causing small cracks to become bigger. This gradually leads to gaping holes, which progress to being worse year after year. Without consistent property maintenance, this becomes a huge expense. To avoid this issue, it is important to make sure that your parking lot has adequate drainage, and that you have a professional fill in the cracks as a preemptive measure.


What is thought of as a common solution can only lead to more damage. If you throw rock salt onto your walkways and parking lot pavement in order to remove slippery ice, stop now! Rock salt is one of the most damaging elements to pavement. It may get rid of ice fast, but it also lets water refreeze later on.  As water in your parking lot continuously freezes, melts, and refreezes, it seeps into the asphalt and actually starts to break away at it. If you have been salting areas of your parking lot, then you probably will notice more potholes and more wear and tear. That is why hiring a property maintenance company is helpful in making sure you take the correct steps.


Winter can also involve significant amounts of rainfall, it is important to be prepared.


During the rainy season harsh weather conditions can cause water to build up in your parking lots, leading to unwanted puddles. Puddles are an inconvenience but can also be a safety hazard. Puddles can be one of the biggest problems a property manager faces during rainy winter weather months. It is inconvenient to park your car in a flooded parking lot that is filled with puddles, but the more important issue is that standing water can cause serious damage to asphalt surfaces.


And with rain comes those awful potholes, every driver’s curse! Rain will wear down the surface of your parking lot and create small holes, which overtime only become bigger holes. Potholes cause damage to vehicles, and also serve as a trip hazard for pedestrians. It is extremely important to perform regular property maintenance and fill potholes as soon as possible.


While hailstorms are not common in our area, it is still important to be aware of hail as you prepare to maintain your parking lot during the winter season.


Think of a bunch of tiny hammers hitting pavement. Hail worsens the effects of erosion, creates bigger potholes, and makes larger cracks. When hail occurs, pay close attention to the look and feel of your parking lot surface afterwards. Make sure to take proactive steps to maintain the surface and keep it free of potholes and large cracks. Louisville Pavement Sweep can inspect your parking lot and recommend the best maintenance and repair options

Winter weather is absolutely tough on your parking lots. Cold weather, ice and precipitation puts extra strain on the parking lot pavement. This requires extra attention and the diligent application of preventative maintenance. Louisville Pavement Sweep is a professional parking lot maintenance company. Our pavement experts can assist you in formulating a plan to help increase the longevity of your parking lot surfaces. Regular maintenance of your parking lot helps ensure a more pleasant experience for any vehicles and pedestrians on your property.


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